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Learn Fractions with Cuisenaire Rods Using Cuisenaire Rods to name a Fraction. The standard method of showing fractions with the Cuisenaire Rods is to place one rod over the other to compare their size. The rods can be shown vertically or horizontally as shown below. For Example: Arrange your rods to represent 1/2 and 3/4 using the purple rod. Cuisenare Rods are a collection of rectangular rods, each of a different color and size. The smallest rod is one centimeter long and the longest rod is 10 centimeters long. Click to read more about The smallest rod is one centimeter long and the longest rod is 10 centimeters long. Dec 1, 2017- Explore blessedw4intx's board "Fractions Cuisenaire Rods", followed by 139 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Fractions, Math fractions and Math. Emphasize that the fraction depends on both rods and their relationship and stress that the same rod can be used to represent different fractions. As an alternative, or an addition to this worksheet, use real Cuisenaire rods for hands-on practice. They will need a set of Cuisenaire rods or access to the online tool, and squared paper to record on. The squared paper will help them to maintain scale. The squared paper will help them to maintain scale.

Cuisenaire Rods With Older Students. We've been working through Caleb Gattegno's Textbook 1 with younger students. The textbook is fit for 3-7 year olds depending on when they start. But what about starting Cuisenaire Rods with older students? What do you do with the student who's been working in Saxon 5/4 for the last year?One of the things. Cuisinare Rods. Displaying all worksheets related to - Cuisinare Rods. Worksheets are What is fluency, Cuisenaire fractions work, Using cuisenaire rods, Addition subtraction, Operations and algebraic thinking 1 6oopepratiaotonse idepra, S for rods and strips, Cuisenaire activti y and, Cuisenaire rods. Interactive Cuisenaire rods to aid the use of manipulatives in the classroom. Click on 'Rods', to choose a Cuisenaire rod and then drag it onto the squared background. More rods can be added in a similar way and aligned as you wish. A rod can be rotated by $90^\circ$ by clicking any key whilst dragging. The background squares can be altered for example increasing/decreasing their size using the 'View' menu.

Cuisenaire® Rods in the classroom We have created a library of short videos showing children from Years 1-5 using Cuisenaire ® Rods to solve a variety of problems. Click on any of the images below to access the videos. cuisenaire-rod-blog-ppK-5 This gives an introduction to Cuisenaire Rods and mentions several activities and literature connections. Math and Literature June 17 2014 K-2 A resource that gives lists of several math books and activities you can do with them using any kind of.

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